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imagenary sex and icecream adventures

imagenary sex and icecream adventures

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well things have been really really fun the past few days. lets start where my other entry took off... woth smoothie planet. well after we went there on the way home we had a really good talk and it was nice... he loves me who knew??? lol. anyways sooo the next day we had imagenary sex twice(not quite as good as real sex, but def not bad lol) then we went on " an icecream adventure" i.e. we were going to drive around and find a nice little icecream place but it was late and they were prob all closing so we settled on going to a friendlys we dont normally go to. ate icecream on my car and snuggled. then i took him to crystal lake and we sat and talked and cuddled some more and these teens who were totally coming to smoke a joint like walk right past us and didnt know we were there and one of them went to pee like next to us so i just started laughing and she finally noticed us and went back to wisper to her friends that we were there even though they were like literally 7ft away from us and it was stupid. then the cops drove by and we just made out untill they went away which was fun. but yeah once again we had a really really good talk and it was so nice. if i wasnt in love with him before there would be no way not to be at this point. anyways it gets better. next day i went to pick him up and we hung out at his house for a while and had a good time. then we went back to my house and had more of a good time, ate bagles mmmmmmmmmm bagels. spent the whole day in bed. oh and made a kick ass tent which i am so excited to do dirty things in it's not even funny. anyways when we finally said we cant be in bed anylonger we went to mcdonalds and got some food and i took him to the top of the parkinggarage where i had had my party and we ate food and watched the sunset and i got him to dance and it was amazing and there was a cloud that looked exactly like a heart and was bright pink from the sunset and it was so amazing, i wanted to take a picture but i decided that i would prob always remember it and it is probably better that way. so yeah then like i said we danced and then spred out a blanket and watched the sun finish setting and then yet again danced a bit more. though i think the combo of dancing and crappy food made me not feel to well by the end of the night but that was fine. then we went to alexa's house and smoked (well i did, he was a good boy and didnt, im really proud of him) and we all sat around and talked and played videogames. tons of fun!

so yeah that has been the past few days and they're amazingnesss. this weekend we will prob go see the starwars movie. which should be ok.
also other things that i really need to do...
go to fsc with mommy to do shit
clean my room
call kitty
call other variouos friends before it's to late and im pissed at myself.
dont get discouraged
go to dads
make cd's
go to ac moore\savors
get drunk
eat good food
go to the beach
go toNH
got to maine
do yoga before my back dies
take care of myself
bake something pref cupcakes but settle for brownies
love jamie

ok im gonna go play solitare it only took me an hour to load...
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