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spring break week
Friday:back from Amherst and went to CT with Jamie for hottub, pizza, lazertag, winning tons of tickets by getting lots of jackpots on arcade shit. twas pretty awesome
Saturday:Heathers 30th birthday party! drank at the skellig and Roberts with the cuzes, had a blast!
Sunday:Something Incredibly
Monday:Fun was done
Tuesday:on all these days
Wensenday:im just hazey on
Thursday:what happened
Friday:when ******
Saturday:Kitty's 20th Birthday Party!!!!
This past Saturday after work me and jamie went to my grandparents 50th anaversary at Unos and had good food and played around with my little brother and then we went to my cousin Gabi's First birthday party up in Lunenburg which was a good time. It was fun smoking and playing rock band with all my cousins.

Going to hooka bar with Kitty and Avi and some of his friends and then meeting blake and whitney there and having lots of fun! I love going to the hooka bar, i wish it was closer b\c they are starting to do breakfast and i would go there like every day if they were close.

Also me and Jamie went on a Wicked cute date to jordans furniture in Reading and we walked around and ate at Fudruckers and went and saw Watchmen which was amazing!!!!! I loved it so much i thought it was so well done. Lots of big blue penis i mean come on who wouldnt like that? we had a good time it was very nice. Almost been one year and i still find myself feeling crazyier and crazyier about him by the day. expecially the week of spring break it was truely amazing and i had such a good time getting to spend almost every morning with him. Oh and we decided that we are probably going to get a hooka together for our one year. im sooooooo excited!!!!!!Ive wanted a hooka for so long and i feel like that is just the reason i need to actually get one. Also summer is coming hopefully soon and i would like to be able to lay in the grass and smoke hooka all day. Ive also decided on an incredably romantic thing to do on the day of our one year if it is good weather.

Saint Patricks Day me and jamie and kitty went to bryans house and drank some wicked cool beer as always at bryans. It was a good night but we were all really tired so it ended slightly early. But it was wicked fun.

In other news... me and Alexa (and who ever else would like to help) are writting a movie about the atrium mall. it will be 10 times better than mall cop or anything, it will be more mall rats style.

And speaking of atrium, toady is sergi's last day. I cant beliebe it and i am anxious to know what the new guy will be like.

Also the other day i really spranned my anckel wicked bad and im walking like i am 80 years old which is annyoing though funny to everyone else around me.

well there is plenty more to write about and i know i have left a few things out but i will return to finish them. I am at work right now in the midst of a mailing which is incredably dull and time consuming and i just want to go on break already. so ta ta for now i shall be back and i hope you all have a good day.
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